May 25, 2012

Long Weekend Ahead!!

     When did Memorial Day weekend sneak up? I am not sure where May went but Memorial Day weekend is here! YAY! Official start to summer...and a long weekend to celebrate that fact. LOVE. IT. Not much on the Dunham's agenda for the big weekend, but I do feel some pool time in our future since we have it up and running now! Ahh...sun and pool and I am sure a few cocktails! SUMMATIME!!!!
     Hope that everyone else has a fabulous long weekend and enjoys the sun, maybe a few cocktails and the extra day off from work!! Enjoy! Cheers!

May 17, 2012

Been M.I.A.

     Last night Jeremy asked me why I don't blog anymore. And then I realized it has been awhile since I wrote something on here, like at least a week. I used to do it everyday, I am slacking. I tried to think of why I hadn't written and I don't really have that great of an excuse. But then again I do....has anyone heard of a little book called "Fifty Shades of Grey"??
       If you have  NOT heard of this book then you need to get on Amazon or Google right NOW. And I mean NOW. It's actually a trilogy of books...and they are awesome. Twilight what??
     So, reading Fifty Shades has been taking a bit of my time up. Some of the other time has been spent in STL watching the Cardinals! Always fun and makes it really feel officially like SUMMER!! Thank goodness!
     On the self-improvement front, things are actually going well. What's funny is that doing this Weight Watchers Online program was probably the best thing I could have done. Yes, again Mom, you were right. But honestly with that and armed with my Intuitive Eating notes I have far fewer body meltdowns and issues with eating. I mean I do still struggle, but those fights and fusses with myself (and my clothes) are fewer and farther between. And actually I branched out and bought...skinny jeans! Yes, I was like the only female on the planet who did NOT own a pair of skinny jeans. But part of the reason I never purchased a pair was that I thought I would look HUGE or they wouldn't fit right or I looked silly. But, last week, on Friday I wore my first pair of skinny jeans with a new top and some heels. And I liked it. I even got compliments, albeit from my mom and my brother's GF, but still!! So, I think things are on the upswing in that department.
    So, now here it is almost Friday and another weekend ahead of me. Thank the HAIR GODS that this one includes a visit to the salon for this white-trash roots chick. Seriously. Bad. And besides that I have dinner with some girlfriend's Friday and some family time scheduled as well. The husband is out protecting the innocent civilians of the area, so it's a low key weekend at the Dunham household. Which sometimes is good for the soul...and the foils will be good for the hair.

May 9, 2012

Good Karma

     Today feels like one of those days I put some good karma out there. I like that. I had a friend of mine who I knew was struggling with some food/diet/exercise issues so I gave her my Intuitive Eating book along with the Operation Beautiful book to help her. She seemed so appreciative and when I saw her later in the day she said the Intuitive Eating book was "speaking to her" which were my exact words when I read it. I only hope it helps her like it did me!! Feels good to help out girlfriends who have hit a bump in the road.
     I also helped my younger cousin with some cousinly (that's not a word, but I like it) marriage advice. She got married in 2010 and is still having that adjustment to married life thing. Hell, so am I some days. But she needed to vent and some advice so again, I was happy to oblige and give her my 2 cents. Hope that helped her as well!
     Week is already half way over, not going to complain I have a fun weekend ahead. Full of Mother's Day dinners, Cardinals games, getting to hang out with my younger brother, his girlfriend, and some good friends, and of course, time with the husband. But what I am really looking forward to this evening is going home and reading more of the new book I am addicted to..."Fifty Shades of Grey". If you haven't heard of it GOOGLE it, then RUN, don't walk to the bookstore and get a copy. It.Is.Fabulous. I highly recommend!!     
     So happy hump day to all!!!

May 4, 2012

Lunch with the Girls

     I am so happy Friday has finally arrived. For some reason looking back on this week it seems long. Weird. But, I did get to squeeze in a Cardinals game on a gorgeous Wednesday night and lunch with the girls today, so not a bad week at all.
     Wednesday was finally a NON-rainy day so Jeremy, my friend Casey and I took full advantage and went to the Cardinals game. Besides being a GORGEOUS night, it was an awesome game. We had a lot of fun, but made for a tired Thursday. That's for sure.
     Today I had the pleasure of going out to lunch with some girlfriends. It's always a nice treat to get to go out to lunch with the girls. Even if it is only a quick lunch on a workweek, it does brighten up the day! So thanks to those girls for perking up my Friday!
     When I look back to those things this week I think of the fun I had. The old Jen would have fussed probably before and after each event, worried about, calories, working out, this and that. But with both my new way of thinking and armed with my Weight Watchers App I know that everything is just fine. It's life. It's food. It's supposed to be fun and enjoyable and I am getting that. Hooray!
     So now it is on towards the weekend! Mom and I are heading out tomorrow to shop and spend a girl's day together, so another thing to look forward too. Just hoping the rain stays away for the weekend!