May 4, 2012

Lunch with the Girls

     I am so happy Friday has finally arrived. For some reason looking back on this week it seems long. Weird. But, I did get to squeeze in a Cardinals game on a gorgeous Wednesday night and lunch with the girls today, so not a bad week at all.
     Wednesday was finally a NON-rainy day so Jeremy, my friend Casey and I took full advantage and went to the Cardinals game. Besides being a GORGEOUS night, it was an awesome game. We had a lot of fun, but made for a tired Thursday. That's for sure.
     Today I had the pleasure of going out to lunch with some girlfriends. It's always a nice treat to get to go out to lunch with the girls. Even if it is only a quick lunch on a workweek, it does brighten up the day! So thanks to those girls for perking up my Friday!
     When I look back to those things this week I think of the fun I had. The old Jen would have fussed probably before and after each event, worried about, calories, working out, this and that. But with both my new way of thinking and armed with my Weight Watchers App I know that everything is just fine. It's life. It's food. It's supposed to be fun and enjoyable and I am getting that. Hooray!
     So now it is on towards the weekend! Mom and I are heading out tomorrow to shop and spend a girl's day together, so another thing to look forward too. Just hoping the rain stays away for the weekend!

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