April 25, 2012

One week down and Countdown Commence

     Well, it has been one whole week since beginning Weight Watchers and I am loving it. Being the type-A person I am I  like the organization and tracking of it all. However, it's not so over the top  where I have to exactly measure everything exactly which is refreshing! I also am learning how much I really eat and how much I can eat. For the FIRST time in as long as I can remember I am not CONSTANTLY thinking about food, which, my friends, is SO refreshing!
     But, what is on my mind this week is the Illinois Marathon and Half-Marathon this Saturday in Champaign, Illinois. Me and my friend Sam will be heading up on Friday afternoon to run the race for the second year in a row. Last year, the alleged "flat" course was not as flat as described in the course description online, but this year we know a little more what we are getting into. Although I know what I am getting into, I am rather anxious for it to be here. I have trained a little longer this year than in years past since I injured my knee last July and wanted to make sure it would hold up. So, it seems like I have been on this training schedule forever. Seriously, it has been since like February. Forever. But, I know when I cross that finish line on Saturday morning all of my hard work and anxiety about it will be TOTALLY worth it. I do this every time I run a big race. As does Sam. It's kind of what we runners do.
     I will be sure to post updates after the race on not only the race itself but our adventure up there. We are staying in a rather "out dated" hotel as Sam has described it , so that should be interesting. I told her as long as it's clean I am good to go. One doesn't get much sleep the night before a 1/2 anyways. After the race we are heading back home (with a possible stop at an outlet mall..uh oh) and that evening we have plans to celebrate with our husbands and friends.
      However,I can only hope this weekend's celebration is slightly different than the celebration Jeremy and I had, well more so I had, at a friend's wedding last weekend. It looked something like this:

 Me + LARGE glasses of white wine - adequate amounts of food = Jen passed out (HARD) at 10:00 p.m.

      It wasn't pretty, nor was Sunday morning at all. I learned my lesson on drinking not so expensive wine and pacing myself. I learned it the hard way. Jeremy has photographic evidence.
     But until Saturday, I wait and rest up as much as I can for the big race. Friday evening's prep will include a good pasta dinner for fuel! MMM! Points will not matter as much this weekend as I think I will earn my fair share over my 13.1 mile trek. I will be in touch after, see you all at the finish line.

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