April 18, 2012

Up and Running

     Well I did it. I committed to Weight Watchers for at least 4 months! I went back and forth most of the day thinking I didn't really need to do it or thinking maybe I overreacted, but in the end I listened to myself and jumped on in! I registered online and downloaded the app for my phone and now I am up and running and so far loving it!
     I really feel like this time something in me clicked more than the other AHA moments I have had along the way. This time I feel like I am really doing it for me and not to make someone else happy or to get someone off my back. This time I don't really care if people give me funny looks about it, it's my body and my life. I have a feeling this will also teach me a lot about some of the distortions I have with food and how much I eat a day. Well, I can't lie it already has due to my tracking today. I can only expect more enlightenment along the way.
      Now, it is on to have my little weight watcher friendly treat and watch the Cardinals kick some butt in the game!! BIRDS!

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