April 30, 2012

Just like that

     1:58:48...and that was that. That time there was my time in the Christie Clinic Half Marathon this weekend. I am very happy with it. My goal was to make it across that finish line in under two hours and I did! I was thrilled.
     Now I was not thrilled the ENTIRE thirteen miles per say, but all in all it was a good run. When Sam and I headed out the door that morning it was raining and we both were dreading a LONG 13.1 miles in the rain. But, alas, by the time we got to the starting line in Champaign it was fine. Cloudy, overcast and chilly but fine, no rain! The course was very similar to last year so that helped some when the mind starts playing tricks on you that  you may not last the whole way through. But, about mile 11 I did hit a wall but knowing the end was near, and some Katy Perry blaring in my ears, helped me forge through. Sam was even right there at the finish line when I crossed, she finished in an awesome 1:52:00! I was proud of her and I! We met our goals.
     Once back home down here in Southern Illinois, after enduring a nasty springtime thunderstorm complete with tornadoes nearby, a group of us headed out to dinner and a few drinks. It was fun to get out and eat, drink and be merry with everyone even though I was exhausted. Sunday was a funday for the Dunham's too. We went to the Cardinals game and although the game ended up being a stinker, we did have a fun afternoon. Once home it was definitely couch time!
      So now I am sitting here on the couch watching some Real Housewives, laundering the mounds of clothes that never seem to dissipate and relaxing my rather sore calves! And of course now that it's all over I know that that half probably WASN'T my last ever, but it was my last for awhile. I am looking forward to running more for enjoyment for awhile, rather than training, and getting into a good weight lifting routine! Not so scared to branch out anymore, funny how that happens!

Oh...and in case anyone was curious, running a 1/2 Marathon earns you 19 Weight Watcher Activity points!!!

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