June 27, 2012


    I realized today that I have been quite a slacker and not caught up on my blog in so time. I really have no good excuse at all. But I reckon it's about time to get things up to speed here!
    First off, life in the Dunham household has changed. Jeremy started a new position and now has a NORMAL person's schedule. No more shiftwork for QUITE some time now. All we have known our entire relationship is a shiftwork schedule, needless to say, this is quite an adjustment. We are adapting to this new schedule rather well in my opinon. He even likes it better after fretting he wouldn't!
     Second, this weekend is a NEW adventure for the Dunham duo. It will be MY first time tent camping. We are going on a float trip with some pals and camping, like real camping. And it's going to be 100 plus degrees outside, yes, one-hundred DEGREES and I will be in tent. All I can say is thank GOD for vodka and good friends. Oh, and did I mention that for the float Team Fabulous will be in a canoe?? Yah, first time there too. If I come back married after this weekend it truly is meant to be!
       Lastly, I think I am hitting another sort of wall/crisis/turning point, whatever you choose to call it. I have been doing WW for some time now and liking it. It has made me  note my eating habits. It's been great, but I think I have learned what I need. I have slipped back a bit exercise wise to mostly running and less weights and to be honest I am not the biggest fan of the way the body is right now. Lack of muscle...again....and at one point I WAS getting somewhere with that muscle develeopment. But, since I decided I don't like where I am at, I decided all I can do is CHANGE it. So that's what I am setting out to do. I have already started a training program that I really like. I still incorporate running because I can't give that up completely, it is my Prozac, but I am adding more weights.
      Now, with said weight training plan, I want to SEE results and I have overcome my stubborn side (me no way!) and realized that to get the results I want to see I am going to have to fuel myself better. A lot better. So, it's time to change it up. Now, with this comes slight confusion becuase there are four-hundred million articles on what to eat, when to eat, how to eat, and everything in between when it comes to weight training. So, while I do glance at some articles that seem to apply, I mostly have been reaching out to friends I know who either know a lot on the topic or who have habits I admire. And of course, me being me, I orderd a book on the topic that had good reviews.
       I think I am just hitting these "blinding realizations" more and more as I head towards the Big 3-0, realizing that if I want to do something to do it. TO STOP giving into my insecurities that have been around most of my twenties. To finally, really want to be healthy in many ways. I guess this is what one calls growing up and I am doing it. I want to chronicle it more on here, cause I think it will help. So I will try my best to do so, whether you are interested or not it may be on here!
    So that is what is new in Dunhamland....just a few new things and changes. Tonight is an exciting trip to Wal-Mart for me and the Mister to load up for the float trip. Wish me luck....with Wal-Mart, the canoe, the heat......in the words of Mr. Jimmy Buffett "Come Monday, it'll be alright...."

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