July 27, 2012

Great Advice

     I have mentioned here that I am really wanting to get into more and better blogging. To succeed and basically get on the right path for that, I decided to email an author of a blog I really like. I emailed Courtney of the Sweet Tooth Sweet Life blog. I found her blog a couple months again and I am an addict. She is so down to earth and seems to really have found a balance in her life despite struggles with her body. She is very inspiration and she had very positive advice to give.
      The advice that Courtney told me was to go for it if this was my passion and just put it out there. Which I have that step down, I have started, I just don't have a good pattern of posting down yet. That is one of my "to-do's". She also suggested opening social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. I opened a Twitter account today and I have this on my Facebook as well! So I have some steps done...makes me feel a bit more confident. One thing I don't do enough on that she suggested was pictures. So I told Jeremy today that I wanted, needed and was going to take more pictures for my blog. I think he thinks I am a little nutty but I don't care! He married me!!
     I will have to work on my Twitter account a bit to figure out how to use, but at least I have an account now! As for the pictures, I am going to get on that! I have my super phone as I like to call it and obviously a camera so no reason not too!
     Soon, it is on to the weekend. Tonight Jeremy and I are having a little BBQ with our friend (and my co-worker) Casey. We are going to have a few cocktails and some delicious food cooked by Jeremy. Tomorrow is a much needed hair appointment followed by a good friend's 30th birthday celebration at the wineries nearby! Lots to look forward to this weekend and to me it seems like a lot of "Kodak" (blog) moments.

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