July 22, 2012

Total Meltdown...Aisle One

     It started out innocent enough, a trip to Old Navy to pick up a few new duds. It ended with me in the car crying over my body. Yes, I had a meltdown because a pair of shorts didn't fit me right. And I refused to go up a size.  I know this seems so absurd, and it is now that I look back, but at the time it triggered something and I went straight into meltdown mode. Thank goodness I have a very understanding and patient (love you) husband who sat with me through it all and talked sense in to me. He really is rather rational at times, when it doesn't come to Cardinals baseball. After the meltdown and the talking I did realize I was being a little more than unreasonable and I tried to snap out of it.
     Even though it took a meltdown I did come to see a bit of  silver lining in this episode. When I was mid-meltdown Jeremy brought up HOW unhealthy I was a few years back when the clothes hung off me and that I don't need to go back there and I know I don't. But it's a struggle not to fall into that. It is. But I realize that I do feel better since I have started treating myself better and that keeps me from falling back into patterns. But I also realize I do give into some old habits most days, and if I can realize that I need to snap out of it. I can. The Old Navy meltdown made me realize not only how silly I was being at the time, but also how I really can treat myself better and be better to myself inside and out to avoid future meltdowns. So, I guess there was a silver lining to this episode shall we call it.
     So "episode" aside, the weekend was fun. We got to watch the Cardinals WHOOP the Cubs and had great seats!! Today was errand running, house straightening and movie watching day. Productive and relaxing which was needed. With all that behind me now I can look forward to really treating myself better. I am even starting my new weight lifting program tomorrow, so stay tuned for those updates and my progress post meltdown!

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