July 19, 2012

Thursday is the new Monday

     Holy Smokes! Whattaday! Glad that tomorrow is Friday, it can't get here soon enough. After the day I have had, my co-worker and I decided that yes, in fact Thursday is like the new Monday. Thursday's have been crazy here the past few weeks.
     Well, I haven't been on here as much as I would like and diving into the projects I want because work has been crazy (see above) and I am pooped at night. But I did take another step in the right direction today. I signed up for a free trial of the NASM certification for personal training to see if I really do like it. This urge to just do it (just like Nike says!) just won't go away and I think that is a sign. I don't think my husband thinks I am serious, guess I just have to prove it.
      As far as my experiment with weightlifting is going, it's still going really well. I do in fact really like this! I finally finished the book New Rules of Lifting for Women. So I am going to start that program next week. While I do like the Livefit trainer, I like the idea in NROL of just 3 shorter weight workouts a bit. Of course I am tweaking it to me in that I will still do cardio/run on days I don't lift and as a warm up to lifting. But they do say in the book to just test out what is best for you! As far as the nutrition front goes, I am drawing advice and ideas from the book I finished, a few of the blogs I read and my own preference and intuitive eating skills I am trying to really develop....finally.
      So things are still moving forward, I just need to stay on it! I may have a little more of a chance to work on things this weekend as it is the first weekend in about three weeks the Dunham duo won't be out of town! But we WILL be attending a baseball game as the St. Louis Cardinals will be playing the (ew) Chicago Cubs! GO BIRDS!

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