July 11, 2012

A little experiment

     I am letting everyone in on a multi-faceted experiment I am performing on myself. As I have mentioned before, I have dabbled with the idea of getting my personal training certificate. Well that idea has just stuck with me and I am becoming more and more interested. But, before I dive head first in and sign up for all the material and certification class, I decided to do a little experimentation. I decided to "train" myself. Well, with the help of Jamie Eason's LiveFit trainer. I started this workout routine a couple months ago but gave up, like I typically do with most weight training plans. But this time I knew it was time to commit and try it. So, I made a commitment to myself, and my ideas of future endeavors in training, and dove in.
      The workouts are all online and I print them out each week. I decided to tweak the program a bit. I added cardio each day and an additional abdominal workout day when the workouts and time allowed. It turns out I love this. I really love trying the new exercises and challenging myself. The workouts are challenging in fact my leg workout has kept my thighs burning since Monday!! So needless to say, this part of the experiment is going well and I plan to continue.
      The next part of my experiment is that I am reading a very informative book, The New Rules of Lifting for Women. It is very insightful and I have learned all the damage I was doing to my metabolism by eating too little and working out TOO much. Funny how it takes SO long for ones eyes to be opened. Well, they were. So I am reading this book and taking the nutritional advice in the book combined with ideas from some fabulous blogs I follow and information I already know and am finally committing to changing my eating habits. I mean it won't be over night, but I can promise you I am definitely stepping in the right direction. If I want to not only see results from my new (hard) training as well as possibly one day have a career with something fitness related, I have to get ducks in a row!
     This experiment is really sparking a fire in me. I also received some encouragement from my nutritionist this week. Another eye opening moment if you will. We were discussing my past eating habits and focus on food. She mentioned that I often mentioned not being settled in a career path and perhaps that is why I focused on my body and food. DING DING DING. I did know this in a way, but there it was staring me in the face. Yup, that is why I am so hard on myself, not happy in other areas of my life, so focus on things I control. Maybe I should be a therapist!! Anyway, after emailing with my nutritionist and with experiment in full swing I decided if I want to make a change in my life/career I am the only one who can do it.
      So, I know it won't be instant but I do feel I have a goal and a path. Another thing along this path I want to do is create a better blog. I admire so many of the health/food/fitness bloggers that I read, like Peanut Butter Fingers, Sweet Tooth Sweet Life and many others. I would love to create something along those lines. The only way I am going to do it is to start. So, baby steps. I am reading these blogs that I admire and taking notes. Hopefully this will lead to  making changes sooner rather than later to this blog to make it a better, more fun, exactly what I want blog.
     So that is it for this Hump Day. Experimentation and encouragement! I haven't shared these ideas out loud yet so I guess there they are for the world to see! We will see how this goes!!

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