July 26, 2012


     Well I quit today. Nothing drastic, just Weight Watchers. While I have enjoyed using it and it has helped enlighten me to certain eating patterns and habits of mine I decided today that enough was enough and I was over it. So, I cancelled my account. Is it weird I kind of have a free feeling??
     One of the reasons I quit WW today was that I have started reading a book called Integrative Nutrition that has some really good, solid advice on nutrition and makes excellent points through and through about food and the effect is has on our body. It's realistic and some of the viewpoints in it remind me of the Intuitive Eating book I read.  I really am enjoying reading it and am actually letting what the author is saying sink into my (sometimes closed) mind.
     Even though I did quit WW I am tracking my food because I have been having some stomach issues lately and also the Integrative Nutrition book recommends doing so for awhile to see how foods make you FEEL. Not just feel physically, but how it energizes you or mellow you out. You may think this sounds a little off the wall but it does make sense and I am doing it for both those purposes. No calorie counting or points calculating though. I really am making an attempt to listen to my body and hunger cues. It makes sense.
     On the new weight lifting program front. I am liking it! The workouts for this program, New Rules of Lifting for Women, are shorter than the workouts I was doing for the LiveFit Trainer. They are also spaced out to only 3 days a week which I like better because the other two days I can get a decent run in. When I started on this on Monday I didn't think these workouts would make me very sore because I had been following the LiveFit program but I was wrong! I have definitely felt the workout in my butt and hamstrings!! I look forward to continuing and becoming stronger!
     Today is my Dad's 58th birthday so the whole family is going out to a nice dinner and maybe after dinner cocktails to celebrate! Looking forward to celebrating my fabulous Father! He's the best I could ask for! Then tomorrow is Friday finally so something else to look forward to....WEEKEND!

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